How can we help?

Each client has unique needs and concerns. In some instances it is a need to document and better understand a system they inherited. Maybe third party water testing to verify the need for recommended equipment. We help many clients with scheduled maintenance services such as filter replacement, RO membrane changes and bulk media exchange. We service and repair most equipment on the market and can evaluate your system and provide recommendations to extend equipment life and efficiency. Our self-performing service and dedicated account technicians help us stand out in the industry.

We also offer onsite training, system documentation creation and system monitoring  reduce the mystery and downtime inherent in many water filtration systems. We look forward to serving you!

Our standard scheduled maintenance contract includes:

Site evaluation and water testing: This discovery process let us document your concerns, existing equipment, the current flow path, quality of installation and a water quality test. We like to do onsite water testing so you see what we see and we do this on every visit to evaluate how your local water changes over time. This gives us a starting point to discuss how we can help. 

Identification and Labeling: An important item that is often missing is vale identification and equipment labeling. We will ID every important component in the system and label it for easy reference. This also reduces accidental bypass or isolation when other work is being done. It is not uncommon to have system issues after plumbing work because a valve was left in the wrong position. Component ID can help reduce those issues.

Document location and creation: With the new labeling in place, we'll create easy to use guides for valve positioning in common situations - in service positions, how to bypass components, isolating filters, along with backwashing and rinse operations. These guidelines allow your team to quickly and confidently react to common situations. We will also gather manuals for existing equipment and make them available in your client portal for easy reference.

Scheduled Service: Filters, RO membranes and bulk media beds are consumables and require scheduled replacement / exchange. Most manufactures will provide a one size fits all life expectancy time frame,  but for optimal efficiency, your local water quality will dictate exchange frequency. We'll train your staff how to verify filter health and will design a scheduled service contract to ensure optimal runtime and maximize system health. 

Online service access: Each client receives their own secure space online where we post all water testing results, service records, photos, maintenance schedules and system documentation for easy access on demand.

Additional Services: A proper installation will include valving to to bypass or isolate equipment along with pressure gauges in strategic locations to quickly assess filter fouling. If your system is missing those components or has other plumbing issues, we can retrofit/upgrade to get it to a functional baseline that provides the best conditions for your equipment to perform as designed and reduce inconveniences during maintenance. We can also replumb and even redesign systems if required to bring them up to code, maximize available space and ensure they meet your current needs. 

Our goal is to make your water filtration system the least of your worries!

Site Evaluation

Water Testing

Scheduled Maintenance

Service / Repair