Our Process

We provide dedicated technicians to every account, trained on your system and it's backstory. We manage scheduled services like membrane changes for RO systems, cartridge filter replacement, bulk media exchange and other services on request. During our initial visit we will do a complete water system assessment. We will report findings and let you know our opinions. We are examining the installation, the flow path, looking for proper valving, and instrumentation. We want to make sure the system is safe, secure, and serviceable. We'll note the service dates and run times of the consumables when available and add that to the report.

Next step is an onsite water test. We're looking for the usual suspects - pH, TDS, CL, CaMg, and Silica. We do this onsite so you can see what we see and we are happy to explain the significance. These results are added to the report and are logged online in your private account where we'll store all service records, schedules, photos of each service call and  water history trends.  We always provide an opportunity for training while onsite so anyone who is interested can join in.

Specifically during our first visit, but also as things change over time, we'll document the water system from the water main through the filtration system and create a user guide displaying valve positioning for common conditions - normal ops, component bypass, etc... These quick reference guides can be laminated and located by the equipment and are also in the client portal.

The overall goal is to remove the water filtration system from your list of common headaches. If and when an issue arises, we are a call away and are open when you are.

Cost depends on what you have and what you need but is typically competitive even with the additional services we include. Give us a call or send an email with any questions and we'll design a plan that makes sense for all.